Campagne d’affichage crée pour la ville de Nantes au moment du passage du Tour de France.
Moi aussi je souhaite m’amuser. Ne soyez pas étonner quand vous découvrez que le tableau de bord de la voiture et ses fards se voient dans le noir (pâtes luisantes !). Campagne d’affichage crée pour la ville de Nantes au moment du passage du Tour de France.
Ce sont les détails que j’aime ! La position des pieds, les mains, les corps expriment au moins autant que les visages.



Born in Saint Catharine’s Canada to an English mother and an American father, I grew up in England and Canada before arriving in the United States near San Francisco.

Having always loved art, I did my Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA).

I bagan my career as an illustrator in Paris, working for editors, magazines and advertising.

I fell in love with modeling clay as a medium, it is unpretentious and lends itself well to expressing not only joy, but a whole range of emotions. It was very different for me to work with two hands, to create in two and three dimensions.

The objective is always to create an image that is at least as interesting to look at as the idea behind it.

I share my creativity and enthusiasm with my students of « Art in English ». They keep me on my toes!

Enjoy !

My illustrations are two dimensional pieces – bas reliefs. I create with Fimo©, a polymer clay. All colours are mixed and created from the existing shades available. No paint is added, everything is done in clay. When completed, the piece is cooked in the oven to harden.

My Fimo© sculptures are three dimensional and have an aluminum or metal structure inside.

A sculpture tells a unique story…!

Kim is an artist that excels in translating emotions. I gave her 2 photos to create a gift for a newborn.

The new parents were thrilled with this original gift. The protecting father, the loving parents, the sky blue couch with everyone sitting on the clouds, the warm sunlight around the newborn – all of these symbols were perfect for the occasion.  This piece expressed a unique, happy moment, it’s a future heirloom!

Marie-Laure, Paris

I saw Kim’s work at a friend’s house, I thought her sculptures would make a great, original gift. I like the way Kim captured the personality of each of our three children!

Patrick Simon, Bruxelles

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